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Sometimes it is not enough just to read, but it is useful to listen and see with your own eyes how to do something or listen to an opinion of a particular scientist or expert. This type of activity not only allows you to get knowledge from the first-hand but also promotes the development of language skills, which is very important for ESL students. Here you can enjoy video courses on different matters as long as you want and absolutely free of charge.

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Health and Social Care practitioners in the UK

Health and Social Care practitioners in the UK must work within a legal and ethical framework. This means that care practitioners must follow and put into practice a range of laws, policies,...

Advanced Anaesthetic Practice (AS1)

Introduction This assignment presents a critical analysis and examination of an incident, which occurred during the participation of caring for a patients anaesthetic care needs during a...

Oil shock effects on Brazil

Main Points: 1. Geisel’s Second National Development Plan (PND II) 2. Figueiredo government and the new economic changes 3. Second oil crisis and change in policies 4. Mexican debt...

Can there be such a thing as a victimless crime?

A ‘victimless’ crime is said to be an act that people voluntarily indulge in, but is in fact illegal under statutory laws. It is known as a consensual crime or a public order crime....