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This website was created in order to help students from all over the world to expand their knowledge in profile or just interesting subjects. If you study mathematics but are fond of art, this resource will be equally useful for you. However, the most pleasant surprise is that all the materials on our website are free for use, so here you can draw knowledge and expand your horizons unlimitedly.

What Can You Find Here

We have tried to provide every student with a comfortable stay on our resource, as well as to make the search for necessary information easy and expedite. Discover what materials you are able to find here.

Free essays

We are aware that writing an essay is an obligatory activity in student’s education, that’s why we have gathered an extensive collection of university and college samples of academic papers. Be sure that you will be able to find here an essay on a topic you need to gather ideas and inspiration for your writing.

Video courses

Sometimes it is not enough just to read, but it is useful to listen and see with your own eyes how to do something or listen to an opinion of a particular scientist or expert. This type of activity not only allows you to get knowledge first-hand but also promotes the development of language skills, which is very important for ESL students. Here you can enjoy video courses on different matters as long as you want and absolutely free of charge.

Latest Materials

John Steinbeck: A Life In Words

John Steinbeck was born on February 27, 1902 (www. steinbeck. org). He was born at his house at 132 Central Avenue, Salinas, California. He was born of Irish and German ancestry and born into a...

To Kill A Mockingbird Report

Have you ever seen someone been bullied? Have you ever seen the person being bullied stand up to the bully? The person being bullied knows he/she can get beat up, but they stand up to the bully...

The Pledge of Allegiance

Do you remember reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in your grade school classroom? Do you remember all of your peers placing their right hand over their heart and directing their...

In The Shadow Of War

War is a state that leaves a scar on the human race forever. It is not only a physical battle but an emotional one as well. In the short story, In the Shadow of War, the author Ben Okri, conveys...

Nigger: Should It Be Used?

Where did the word “nigger” originate? Honestly, the whereabouts of the birthplace of the word nigger is still being debated. The immersion of the word however will never be...

Life And Times Of Alfred Wegener

Alfred Wegener was born in Berlin in 1880. His father was a minister who ran an orphanage, Alfred was even brilliant as a young child he took interest in the land textures and topography. He took...

Children Sentenced As Adults

More than 200,000 children are prosecuted in adult courts each year. All 50 states can prosecute a child, under the age of 16 years old, as an adult (Young & Gainsborough, 2000). Between 1992...

An Exploration of the motives of Hernan Cortes

Hernan Cortez was a powerful man in the sixteenth century. Cortez discovered a number of complex civilizations in what was then the New World. He was the primary explorer for the inland of...

Transfer Pricing-Market-Based vs Cost-Based

Transfer pricing is one of the key factors of a management control system, which helps a company to achieve its goals, including profit maximization and tax minimization. There are several...



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