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It can be stated that study process is a fascinating phenomenon that develops our skills, broadens erudition, and helps to overcome obstacles. As a student, we are required to write different academic works on various topics. Sometimes this procedure is troublesome because we need to read a lot of books, search information in the periodical press, and create our masterpiece. The essential thing of each kind of paper is quality as it influences our mark and shows the level of mental development. How to write a work that will be highly evaluated? One of the permanent rules is to avoid plagiarism.

What is plagiat and plagiarism checker?

What associations do you have with that expression? Nowadays, we can find a different explanation for this word, but if to put the word into the shell it is an appropriation of somebody’s thoughts, conclusions, or even the whole academic work. It goes without saying that when we make an outline, for instance, we have a big desire to copy statement of famous scientist without rephrasing it. That is a kind of forbidden thing, as we aim to write a unique and original content. There are cases when we do not notice how we “stole” a paragraph from the book and pasted it into our work. So, the plagiarism is to copy the exact sentence and paste it without changes. There are several reasons why we invoke you not to do it. Firstly, it is dishonest as you have no rights to take someone’s results of the investigation; secondly, it will make your professor or mentor dissatisfied; thirdly, such content does not deserve high mark and praise.

Today, it is possible to avoid such cases with our online plagiarism checker. Let us make a brief overview of it. That is a free service that checks your paper for plagiarism. Its aim is to reveal which part of your essay contains borrowed thoughts from other sources. Moreover, it indicates the sources of information. Undoubtedly, it is a kind of coordinator that shows you mistakes and paragraphs that should be changed.

How to use free plagiarism checker?

Perhaps, you will ask: “How to use free online plagiarism checker?” Do not be afraid of such service as it is easy in use. The aim of developers was to create such online service that will save your time and bring pleasure. You will agree that it is almost impossible to check plagiarism manually, so do not hesitate and try this software. Follow simple steps and enjoy the procedure. You are required to paste your content into the special box. There is no need to divide it into the paragraphs. The key thing to remember is that the text should not be too short. You should notice that there is a word limit for one search. After that, your task is to click on the button that will start progress. One of the biggest advantages of this hardware is that it checks quickly that is why you do not need to wait for hours.

When the process is completed, you have an opportunity to have small characteristics of the submitted content. At this table, you can see which sentences are unique and the percentage of the plagiarism level. You are a lucky one if the result is 100%. Nevertheless, do not worry in case of the poor results. You have a chance to rephrase or rewrite highlighted sentences and start a new search. Let us give you a small tip. If the sentences that are determined as plagiarism are integral for your writing, you can mark them as a citation. All you need is to write the author of the source. Hopefully, you will do your best.


Why is it important to use plagiarism checker?

We suppose that the answer to this question is obvious: because it influences your mark and quality of content. We are glad to inform that you can prevent criticism from your teacher if you use our service because you can make corrections and improve the quality by yourself. Moreover, it saves your time as you do not need to check it manually, just one click and the full characteristics of your masterpiece is ready. Now it is time for the surprise! In comparison with other online checkers, our service is online and free. It means that you can use it 24/7 and do not pay for it. Moreover, there is no need for boring registration and “premium” accounts. Everything is available for you. Be sure of the best and most accurate detection of the plagiarism, as our free checker estimates sentences one by one that is why there is no way for mistakes. Hope we have convinced you of the importance of this hardware. It is a good opportunity to improve your writing skills.

My work is plagiarized – what should i do?

Now you can be calm if your work is considered as plagiarism. Take your second chance and make your teacher pleasantly shocked with your original and unique writing. Do not hesitate and become an active user of our free service. Do not let plagiarism make your study process troublesome. Check it and make it disappear!


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