Types of Information and Main Purposes of an Organisation

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Types of information and chief intents of an organisation.


My thankful thanks go to my capable instructor Ismat Jahan, Teacher Of Business Communication at BAC. A large part and difficult worked from you during the 12 hebdomad is really great so. All undertakings and assingments during the plan would be nil without the enthusiasm and imaginativeness from you. Besides, this internship plan makes me realized the value of working together as a squad and as a new experience in working at a corporate environment, which challenges me every minute. Not to bury, great grasp goes to the remainder of ACI Foods and ESP guitar Staff that helped me from clip to clip during the undertaking. The whole plan truly brought us together to appreciate the true value of friendly relationship and regard of each other and it was a great pleasance to working with the squad.

I would besides wish to thanks my friends particularly those who helped me to roll up the informations of ESP guitar Limited.

Corporate Information

In 1975, the UK based transnational musical company, Established a subordinate in Dhaka, known as ESP Bangladesh Manufactures Limited. It was listed public limited company under Dhaka stock Exchange. In 1993, ESP is the first company in Bangladesh to obtain enfranchisement of ISO 9001 Quality Management System in 1995. In 1996 the LTD series was created to bring forth ESP at a moe low-cost monetary value.In 2002 ESP was ranked among the music industry fastest turning companies. This is mostly due to the wing buyout. The usage store and original series ESP are handcrafted in Japan while the standard series ESP are mill made in

Aims of the survey

  • Broad Objective: Understand different types of concern information ; Be able to show concern information efficaciously ; Understand the issues and restraints in relation to the usage of concern information in organisations.
  • Specific Objective: Types of information, intent of information, beginning of information ; Presentation methods to run into the demands of the users, end product demands, showing corporate communicating ; Legal Issues of concern information in organisation, operational Issues in organisation.


  • Secondary method

Information is being taken from both Internet and Book, but largely Internet.

Restrictions of the survey

It was rather difficult to roll up the information.Because it was needed to look into whether the information is reliable or non, look intoing books, analyzing the life of the organisation and a batch many things.

Corporate Information

In 1975, the UK based transnational musical company, Established a subordinate in Dhaka, known as ESP Bangladesh Manufactures Limited. It was listed public limited company under Dhaka stock Exchange. In 1993, ESP is the first company in Bangladesh to obtain enfranchisement of ISO 9001 Quality Management System in 1995. In 1996 the LTD series was created to bring forth ESP at a moe low-cost monetary value.In 2002 ESP was ranked among the music industry fastest turning companies. This is mostly due to the wing buyout. The usage store and original series ESP are handcrafted in Japan while the standard series ESP are mill made in Japan.

P1:Complete the tabular array like the one below to demo the types, beginnings and intents of information used within your selected organisation. Try to include at least two illustrations of each type of information. Organization: ESP guitar Limited

Type of information






Meeting Interview

It helps to discourse and taking determinations with all the members of section at a clip, at a topographic point. It’s face to confront communicating, where the interviewer describes him/herself.

It will assist to cognize the current flow of clients believing about the merchandise and quality they are supplying, so, that they can take the approaching determinations gently. To cognize the background of the interviewer, instant feedback

Customer services section Human Resource section




It is paper where all the things are written in words and numerical giving inside informations about the subject.

It is the paper where all the inside informations are provided wholly.

It helps to acquire the complete information of the subject.

Giving complete inside informations of the records and clients feedback, so it can be easy to catch the jobs and understand immediately.

Market research

Gross saless section



Bill boards

It is chiefly displayed on telecasting even by cusps excessively.

It provides the new images of a new merchandise giving inside informations about that.

It helps the people to cognize about merchandise provided by the organisation.

It helps to pull people to purchase or believe about the merchandise.

Customer service

Production cost




This helps to demo any undertaking set uping it decently and besides.

Helps to catch it immediately and nicely.

Instantaneous feedback by members or employees in the company.

Helps to do remember and clear information.

Market research

Customer service


Electronic mail

Video conferencing

This is the manner to pass on with the members or employees safely.

Instantaneous communicate and immediate feedback.

Helps the people to acquire inside informations by manus reliable information.

Helps to roll up information genuinely.

Human resource

Government beginning

P2Data Protection Act:

  • As the universe has become more reliant on engineering, hi-tech secrets, payment card informations, employee and client information, and other personal information.The informations should be accurate where necessary and kept up to informations.
  • Other relevant statute law computing machine abuse:
  • Using computing machine illicitly is against the jurisprudence, employees must non do alteration in any things sing computing machine system.Using packages inproperly and assisting others to roll up information outside the organisation can pour the company to hot H2O, altering any portion purely restricted.
  • Freedom of Information:
  • They must supply this information when requested but besides maintain this information up to day of the month and regulated so that it is accurate.

What are ethical issues? Email and cyberspace:

  • Email and cyberspace are built-in parts of typical workers day-to-day routine, many employees are utilizing electronic mail and the cyberspace for merely concern nevertheless the job arise.when employees use concern resources for non concern related taks, hence concern reacting to legal hazards by proactively battling jobs more employees with internet entree and electronic mail at work, which gives them a new manner to do potentionl job for their employees.
  • Organizational policies:
  • Organisational must hold the patterns of making work more ethically which leads them to make the concern fair.Its merely a guaranting the current intelligence of market, roll uping information which helps the organisation what to make next for the company.
  • Information Ownership:
  • This states that, the information which has been given or the informations by whom it is made must be responsible.Suppose if he/she makes a study that must be legal and valid company wont take the hazard of fraudness if so he/she will confront the punishments.


Guitars are our passion. Since 1975 has created legion iconic inistruments for legendary participants. Crossing every genre of music. Our decennaries of experience in the design and industry guitars and basses has allowed us to supply the best options for us as a participant. Bangladesh is now rich in music. ESP one of the best quality full guitar Bangladesh.now so many fable are utilizing ESP guitar and purchasing from Bangladesh. In 1990 ESP guitar 1st clip entered in Bangladeshi musical market.And twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours ESP guitar popular to the Bangladeshi instrumentalist merely because good quality and good sound.


  • Esp guitar give us best quality guitar sound in low monetary values. Day by twenty-four hours Bangladeshi musician purchasing ESP guitar from Bangladeshi musical market. ESP guitar provide highest quality attractive expression impressive public presentation. And they made best guitars that’s why ESP guitars to much effectual to the clients and the market.The ESP guitar features a linden organic structure. And a bolt on naple neek with roseswood fretboard supplying comfort and velocity. Sawtooth inbyes and black hardware complement the remainder of the ESP guitar expression absolutely. A dual locking.ESP guitars tuners guarantee that topographic point on on im melody every key. ESP guitar so much effectual in market because guarantee the snakeebyte was ready for wild and aggressive participants.


  • Esp guitars provide best guitars comparing to others. ESP guitars give us better client services to comparing others guitars company. That’s why ESP guitar ciphering profit.And other guitar company ciphering lose. Day by twenty-four hours clients demand acquiring higher popularty acquiring incrassed bit by bit. Customers believing more about ESP and purchasing ESP.Because ESP guitar full fill clients pick clients demand and doing good merchandise for clients. That’s why twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours ESP guitar market acquiring higher. And customars besides happy with purchasing ESP guitars.

P6Explain the operational issues in relation to the usage information:

  • Business have to mange, shop and cod tonss of information. Information system have two principals issues of guaranting that one is that organisation recive information.A figure of of policies and processs have to be put in topographic point. Refering security of information.Health and safety, backup, concern continuation program, cost and increasing edification.
  • Health and safety:
  • The wellness and safety ( Display screen equipment ) Regulations 1992 this is the minimal requipment laid down in this schedules.The equipment and the interface between the computing machine and oparetor. Another is the mangment of wellness and safety at work regulations.Every employer shall supply his employees with his comprehensible.
  • Backups:
  • Which can be so easy backed up later.these are the operational Issuss which are shops on separate hardware from unrecorded versions of the information.


  • Company ever think about their profit.Many facets of information mangment can be money, which can non be bear by all, hence, a inquiry will at that place be any net income expening on the things like little, transcripts of electronic information on a distant server.Thats why the concern chief two consideration.
  • Cost of development:
  • Company think about the product.And company demand to better themselves or non.
  • Extra resourse needed:
  • Brands the company think about any new staff or employee need or non.
  • Business continuation program:
  • Company ever believing about the merchandise being. It is besides sing about the job hazards to the company to hot H2O about the personal information. And they are ever hive awaying in their


Clairvoyanceforemost should warrant about the possible clients. Though, the trade name is chiefly targeted the heavy metal, black metal, rubbish metal. But they must be really careful about keeping the clients.

ESP should develop the merchandise quality harmonizing to the difference from the rivals. And if there no strong solid pints so the clients won’t choose the merchandise and the gross revenues will non be up to the outlooks.

On Television it has been good advertised but they should foreground the information on the newspaper, wireless and hoarding advertisement which is non up to the satisfactory.

They should alter the distribution system of the trade name. And they should make a hope in the people’s head that they can administer the merchandise at any clip any where. They should besides carry through the lacking in the organisation.


ESP is runing its Alexi and Ltd trade name in a really competitory saturated market. IN this market consumers are non good cognizant of the trade names operating and merely two or three trade names have top of the head placement. This is really tough to do a separate placement in the market and make certain points of differences. ESP trade name has positioned good in the market. Still, Alexi trade name could positioned in a better manner since ESP has a good corporate image and fiscal backup as good.

They should besides concentrate on the rivals are making. In this respect monetary value is the most of import issue. ESP should seek to minimise its production cost of Alexi and seek to sell it at lowest it at lowest possible monetary value as the full viing trade name selling the merchandise of about same benefit. Consumers are likely to see monetary value as the determination doing tool when they buy. So, monetary value should acquire highest precedence when it is set.


Anon, ( 2014 ) . hypertext transfer protocol: //www.espguitars.com/ .

Anon, ( 2014 ) . . hypertext transfer protocol: //www.espguitars.com/





Chapter 1: Introduction


I. Introduction


Chapter 2: Background of the Study


I. Aims of the Study

two. Methodology

three. Restriction of the Study


Chapter 3: Organization Overview


I. Corporate Information

two. Organization Structure

three. Objective of ‘X’

four. Missions

v. Vision

six. Products and Services


Chapter 4: Analysis and Findingss


i. P1

two. P2

three. P5

four. P6


Chapter 5: Recommendation



Chapter 6: Decision



Chapter 7: References & A ; Bibliography



Business communicating is the sharing of information between people within an organisation that is performed for the commercial benefit of an organistaion which relays information within a concern or a map as an official statement from a company.

It can besides be refer as internal communicating that takes topographic point within the organisation. There are two types of concern communicating in an organisation.

  • Internal communicating.
  • External communicating.

Internal Communication

The communicating that is being within the organisation is called “Internal communication” . It can be any type informal, formal map, or section supplying communicating in assorted signifiers to employees.

External Communication

The communicating which is related outside the organisation is called “External Organization” . Supervisors communicate with beginnings outside the organisation, such as clients. It leads to both gross revenues volume and company net incomes.

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