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Higher Education Essay

In an interview with Sarah Lacy for Tech Crunch, he expresses that, although not a complete lie, higher education isn’t always as beneficial as our society likes to think. We are taught from a young age that the world will be without worries for those who try hard and graduate from a college or university, and that financial hardships will not even be a notion in our minds. Thiele thinks higher education can be counterproductive in this aspect and Lacy seems to agree with this. “.. He idea that attending Harvard is all about learning? Yeah. No one pays a quarter of a million dollars Just to read Chaucer,” says the interviewer.

There’s this idea that the more you pay for an education or the more prestigious the institution you attend, the better the Job and income you will enjoy in the end. Thiele suggest that this is blown out of proportion and the main reason why graduates struggle to escape debt at old age. I can vouch for this, as I know several people who are well in their ass’s and still owe thousands in college loans. Now, I have et to meet someone who paid a quarter of a million dollars in loans and is still drowning in fees, but the situation of being indebted years after graduation is commonplace.

Again, this makes expensive higher education counterproductive. To add insult to injury, the average lifetime earnings of a person with a bachelor’s degree is $2. 1 million(according to the U. S. Census Bureau), which, for the sake of comparison, is not too exciting. In short, I do think that our own ignorance plays a big part in the unnecessary and ironic debt that results from not doing a little research. Similarly, the same can be said about for-profit institutions; as previously mentioned, there’s a misconception that paying more for an education equals entitlement to better employment opportunities.

USA Today indicates that “.. The average one charged about $14,000 in tuition in 2009.. The average community college charged $2,500, [while] the average four-year public university charged $7,000. ” For-profit universities, then, are partly responsible for this false illusion that students adopt and act upon. The latter will largely opt for a university with a big name, rather than en with great reputation for educational quality. But are these institutions doing anything wrong? Well, yes and no. Making cash is a basic human right, but to what extent?

When universities knowingly partake in exaggerating the value of attending their campuses, consequently placing prospective students in potentially dangerous positions, it’s time to rethink their credibility. Finally, in Federal Student Aid is Driving Tuition Prices Higher, Professor David Hurwitz notes that colleges and universities have their pay guaranteed when federal student loans are involved, and so take the elution; the government should save themselves the student aid money, pass it on to educational institutions to cover their costs, and in turn the latter should be able to offer inexpensive tuition.

This stands out to me as one of the more interesting theories and solutions because of how unexpected it is. Student aid exists to help, but did we ever stop to critically think about the indirect implications? It’s definitely something to think about and from a logical standpoint, it’s convincing enough. Taking all of this into account, I have to reiterate that there is nothing that can hold he absolute responsibility over this. I would like to conclude with a direct, one sided conclusion, but the truth is this may be a combination of various things.

I will even go as far as to say this is a continuous cycle with no end for the foreseeable future. Are we hitting the right notes to promote realistic expectations after graduation? The obvious answer is no. Even if we were, are people willing to let go of the “four more years and my life is definitely secure” mindset? Are major educational, or any kind of, institutions content to see lower profits in favor of a society abundant in promising young minds? Greed is a powerful thing.

On that note, how long would it take after a reduction in federal student aid for big-name universities to find another exploit? Oblige every college and university to be upfront about the risks and expectations, and students might still ignore this and choose to listen to only what they grew up on and like to hear. Take away student aid completely and, even with the cheaper tuition, you alienate those who can least afford it(and lose potential in the process).

Organize workshops for students to look into other alternatives, and you risk making colleges obsolete in the long run. I can say with all sincerity, this is not an uninspired, generalized, indecisive answer, but a genuine belief that as long as one part of the problem remains, there will be another sneaking up behind waiting to take its place. It’s a matter of everyone taking a critical look into themselves and at the choices available, but it’s mostly a matter of putting an end to our collective ignorance and the educational institutions’ greed.

Ancient philosopher Confucius. who was considered the first professional instructor in China. opened an old-style private school in his hometown. The school enrolled more 3. 000 pupils. and those pupils merely paid a symbolic tuition fee as some harvests and meat. The old-style private school has been followed for more than 2000 old ages. Therefore. the simplest and best manner to circulate cognition is free instruction. China had a nine years’ mandatory instruction but it is non beforehand with the times now. China should widen old ages for the compulsory instruction that free instruction to senior high school pupils.

With high school free instruction. pupils will hold equal chances to be educated. concentrate on acquisition and improving. and better the criterion of life. Let’s expression at those benefits of high school free instruction. Provide equal chances Free instruction of senior high school can besides supply equal chances as the normal child to the hapless. In the past clip. merely affluent people had opportunity to have instruction. but some hapless people could non. Now. everyone has right to acquire cognition. Free instruction is a cardinal to open the doors of hope for some smart and hapless adolescents.

They can hold the equal chance as the wealths to be educated. In the article. “Free instruction provides equal opportunities” reported that the authorities of China had released a freshly program of instruction that supplying equal chances in instruction. The authorities will use more power to decide deep-rooted jobs as extend free instruction. In many Chinese parents’ head. if their kids have a good and equal beginning in instruction. it will hold a batch of agencies and benefits for a child’s hereafter ( Zhang Jingya. 2010 ) .

We can guarantee that some intelligent and hapless pupils can derive the equal opportunities through free instruction. Free instruction provides some advantages to those people who deserve it and care for it. In today’ society. everybody wants to hold a brighter hereafter. so it is non humanized to lose the better hereafter because of the economic job. Everyone has the opportunity to hold a comfy life and the lone manner to do it come true is to hold adequate cognition. If the society can supply an equal opportunity for the adolescent that do non hold the status to be educated. they will offer society a better tomorrow.

Focus on acquisition and Improving Free instruction of senior high school will assist the adolescents focus on acquisition and improving. China promulgated the jurisprudence on mandatory instruction in 1986. The authorities should supply a nine old ages mandatory instruction that school should be free of tuition fees and other disbursals for all immature people. If China extends old ages for the compulsory instruction to high school pupils. it will assist some pupils without worry about the payment of tuition fees and other disbursals. They should concentrate on acquisition and having more cognition.

For illustration. in the article “China pledges riddance of rural compulsory instruction charges in two years” . writer says that in some topographic points that peculiarly in the destitute rural parts. the jurisprudence of mandatory instruction didn’t executed because local authorities couldn’t cost. Many schools are coercing for continue to roll up disbursals and charge assorted assorted fees on their pupils as voluntary contributions. fund-raising for school building. and after-school tutoring fees ( March 5. 2006 ) . Free high school instruction will assist pupils to pay more attending to larning non the economic adversity of their household.

Furthermore. adolescents in senior high school age are about the pubescence. That means they are non mature plenty in their organic structure and head. They can’t separate the right or incorrect in a really advisable manner like the grownup. As the ground of that. if they give up go toing high school because of the economic job and come ining society excessively early they may lose their manner. It is so easy that they make a error which will act upon their full life. like involved in a offense. The free instruction of high school can alter this state of affairs. It is better to maintain the adolescents in school so they can larn more cognition and maturate their mentality on life.

Better the criterion of life Free instruction of senior high school can better the criterion of life. Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is Power” . This sort of power should do people’s life more fantastic and colourful because cognition can bring forth many things. Free high school instruction would assist more people have higher instruction. In the article. “Knowledge Changes Fate” . the writer said that cognition becomes the most important content of human’s life. It contributes a batch in the economic. public assistance and civilization of the society.

The foundation that supports the film “Knowledge Changes Fate” wants to show the subject that the lone manner to alter your destiny is to be educated and acquire more cognition ( Li kasheng. 1999 ) . When people are high educated. they would hold more opportunities to accomplish their dreams and programs. Obviously. higher instruction can assist people to win the ferocious competition and earns more money. They can populate the life better by being successful. When people have higher instruction. people will believe about to better their personal cultivation after extinguish the battle for basic demands.

As they feel satisfied about their ain life. they will make some society plants and volunteering and concern more issues which like the society jobs and environment jobs. Therefore. more free instruction would hold positive and upward influences for the overall quality and minding in the society. Decision As all of the content of the essay provinces. free instruction of senior high school can advantage our society by many different ways. It can supply an equal chance to the adolescent that can non bear the cost of instruction. assist the adolescent to concentrate on acquisition and improving. and better the whole life criterion of the society.

Although China is a powerful and comfortable state today. our instruction system still has many leaks need to better and the most pressing is the free instruction. If the outlook of free instruction comes true. China will step in a trade name new hereafter. The antediluvian philosopher Confucius enrolled about 3000 pupils and he merely charged the tuition fee of some harvests and meat as the free instruction. How the antediluvian can make this sort of free instruction. but we can non? The cognition is priceless because it help people to alter their whole life.

On another manus. senior high school instruction should be free in China. References China pledges riddance of rural compulsory instruction charges in two old ages. ( 2006 ) . Retrieved March 5. 2006. from hypertext transfer protocol: //english. peopledaily. com. cn/200603/05/print20060305_248042. hypertext markup language Jingya. Z. ( 2010 ) . Free instruction provides equal chances. Retrieved August 6. 2010. from hypertext transfer protocol: //english. cntv. cn/program/china24/20100806/100804. shtml Kashing. L. ( 1999 ) . Knowledge alterations fate. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. lksf. org/en/project/education/knowledge/main01.


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